Video Categories

1. New Classes
Try out the latest classes to be uploaded to the Prana Online Library!
7 videos
10-30 min Short Practices
Quick sessions to add calm to your day when you are short on time.
34 videos
30 min Recharge
30 minute revitalising sessions that can be done simply with the use of a chair.
18 videos
New to Yoga? Not sure where to start?
Try these classes to begin your journey
9 videos
Chakra Yoga
Journey through the 7 main energy centres in the body. Chakra yoga is a chance to deepen your yoga knowledge, try new approaches to familiar poses and bring balance and harmony to your whole being.
11 videos
Gentle Flow
45 minute progression class with fundamental vinyasa movement. Yoga for life with a little more strength!
18 videos
Gentle Yoga
Calm gentle movements combined with breath focus. This is yoga for life. Time to slow down, focus on our body and breath with key movements that promote flexibility and mobility
30 videos
Higher Quality
A shortcut to all the classes that were recorded and edited for better picture and sound.
36 videos
Home Retreats
A taste of Prana Yoga Retreats  - at home!
These extended seasonal sessions were recorded live and offer you the perfect opportunity to create a little home sanctuary and retreat from the world.
4 videos
Learn the ancient art of meditation, a life long practice of resting in the silence of an undistracted mind.
7 videos
Ready to Flow
Ready to Flow will invigorate and enliven your whole body as we integrate our movements through vinyasa flow. Explore new and fun transitions with deeper variations of familiar poses while building heat and working up core strength.
28 videos
Relax & De-Stress
Deeply rejuvenating practice. Ideal for everyone, particularly good for those suffering from stress, anxiety or recovering from illness.
14 videos
Yoga for Men
A class designed especially for men! Try out this popular studio class with me and Peter.
1 video
Yoga Nidra
Blissful guided relaxation sessions.
Grab some blankets and lie back for some soothing yoga nidra.

13 videos